Guest post: 5 ways to keep passionate about writing

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Guest post: 5 ways to keep passionate about writing

ShannonHernandezToday I’m thrilled to have author M. Shannon Hernandez guest post, sharing some great tips with us on keeping the passion in your writing! Shannon is author of Breaking the Silence: My Final 40 Days as a Public School Teacher, which many of us moms and teachers will be checking out (she describes it as a “love letter to her students and fellow teachers on the failed education reform system”.) We are lucky to have her as a stop on her blog tour with WOW! Women On Writing, so we welcome all WOW! readers today!

5 Tips to Keep You Passionate About Your Writing

by M. Shannon Hernandez

Tap, tap, tap—that is the sound of your creative fingertips hitting the keyboard.

As writers, we spend our days and nights hovering over our keyboards, pouring our ideas into a machine that will hopefully make sense of all going on in our brains. Don’t get me wrong—it is a wonderful life—but sometimes we look up to see that we have veered off track. Or perhaps we have worked so hard on a piece that maybe we aren’t quite so passionate about it anymore. I’ve been there before, and I am sure you have, too.

How can we stay on track, writing about those things which keep us passionate, when we must write for a living, day in and day out? Below you will find five tips to keep you passionate in your writing.


 Stay in your lane: To stay passionate throughout your writing career, it’s important that you know the topics you enjoy writing about, and you stick to those topics. When we venture off into writing about things that don’t fully interest us, we risk losing our luster for our craft.

Define your writing qualities: What formats of writing do you enjoy most? Blog posts, email marketing campaigns, fictional short stories? Be sure you have a clear definition of the types of writing you are willing to take on, and stick to your standards!

Create a mission statement: Now that you know what topics you are passionate about, and what forms of writing you will spend your time crafting, it’s time to connect to your bigger vision and mission in life. Why do you spend your time writing this stuff? Craft a mission statement that will help you pull it all together and keep you going strong when you begin to waiver.

Remove the roadblocks: We all have these—the overcommitments, limiting beliefs, emotional reactions, and unresolved issues. The important piece of staying passionate in any line of work is to work through the obstacles as they surface, not bury them deeper within. As writers, I believe working through our “stuff” gives us more fodder to write about. People want authenticity and transparency. Your readers will resonate with you if you expose the problems you are having and how you have worked through them.

Weed out negativity: Whether it’s negative thoughts, negative people, or negative situations, they all gotta go! Laser focus on what you want your life to look like, both your work life and the other parts, too, and then create the wide-open, positive spaces needed for that vision to become a reality.

Arm yourself with these five strategies so you can continue living and writing passionately. Tap, tap, tap…your keyboard is waiting on you.

Breaking the SilenceM. Shannon Hernandez is the founder of The Writing Whisperer, which was named one of Top 100 Websites for Writers by The Write Life in both 2014 and 2015.  A voice in the world of authentic business writing and heart-centered education reform, she writes regularly for The Huffington Post. Shannon’s memoir, Breaking the Silence, chronicles her exit out of public education, after 15 years, and her journey to business ownership, finding happiness, and reinvention. 

You can visit Shannon at