I write in a clear, concise and relevant way, so readers can understand and feel moved and interested. And if readers relate to the story–understand why it calls to them–they are more likely to pick up your publication and interact with your brand.

With an understanding of human psychology (the need for someone to have validation, sympathy and compassion), I interview subjects well. I get good quotes but more–I get to the crux–the true heart– of the story. So armed with research and psychology, mixed in with some solid story-telling skills, I can help you tell this story that needs to be told, on deadline.

These days, anyone with an internet connection pronounces themselves a “writer.” If you hire me for an assignment, not only do you get a professional writer producing outstanding copy content, but you get someone who’s received a top-notch education in journalism from Duquesne University, professional internships and many, many years of professional communications experience.

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I write:

  • features
  • articles
  • op-eds, letters to editor
  • blogs
  • newsletter stories
  • social media content
  • promotional copy for corporate, small business, non-profit, custom, trade or consumer publications


I offer:

  • writing services
  • coaching services
  • consulting services
  • proofreading services